FX’s Legion & Snowfall Earn Bronze Medals at 2017 Clio Awards

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We want to congratulate FX for earning not one, but two bronze Clio medals! Their hit sci-fi thriller Legion received recognition for graphic design, while their breakout summer hit Snowfall took home a win for their integrated marketing campaign.


If you look close enough, the answers are there. #LegionFX premieres 2/8 on FX.

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Their award-winning social graphic depicts the journey of self-discovery and overcoming challenges that evolve from within. The graphic illustrates David, the main character’s, journey to unlock the secrets buried within his mind. The message coded in the maze “I know what I am” speaks to him discovering his true identity while uncovering his psychic powers, which he previously believed was a mental illness straining his life.

Spiraling down the rabbit hole #LegionFX

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It’s not all in your head #LegionFX

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It’s gonna make waves. #SnowfallFX premieres July 5

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Snowfall needed to find an unexpected approach to marketing a familiar genre. Through strategic positioning, This is how crack began, became tied to every marketing effort across all platforms, differentiating them from all other drug-related TV shows. Print and digital design took the counterintuitive approach one step further, forgoing the dark and dangerous vibe associated with crime, for bright colors and a retro aesthetic. Unique experiential pop-ups attracted fans of everything 80’s, allowing guests to experience the music, food, art and culture of the time.  Compelling online efforts such as banner ads, site takeovers, features on popular news and culture sites, all complemented the campaign. The culmination of these efforts yielded 46M Facebook impressions and 10M total video views, making Snowfall’s premiere the night’s #1 cable drama.

Carrying weight #SnowfallFX @damsonidris

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FX Legion and Snowfall, together with the millennial marketing efforts of Cashmere, were able to execute innovative and compelling new marketing strategies.